We are open to dialogue with our stakeholders and let's keep it. This makes it possible to build the realisation of the sustainable development policy and inform the organisation's decisions. We constantly promote the quality of life at work of our employees (fit and cleaned work suit, microwave-equipped break room, refrigerator and coffee machine, a meeting room, etc.). Employees report on their progress on product creation to the director, who it communicates the company's results (sales numbers, increase in turnover). Thanks to this communication, Espromer is able to provide you with quality products.

Espromer minimizes social and societal risks. Absolutely, we take into account the interests of women and men who make up the industry. We respect the working conditions, social protection, health, security and strengthen the prevention of Risks. We prevent potential environmental pollution from facilities at the production site and reduce them to keep the environment healthy.

Espromer and sustainable development

The agri-food industry and agriculture alone account for 25-30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In order to stop the phenomenon, many players in the sector are acting for a healthiest and most sustainable diet. So to minimize this figure, we value by-products of snail processing especially hepatopancreas (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepatopancreas). We make the most of the products we use. Sorting waste from production to encourage recycling. We optimize the movements of our employees, with the aim of reducing the CO2 emission thus contributing to sustainable development. Indeed, we group the departures of frozen goods. Water is a precious resource, for this we optimize it to the maximum thanks to the installation of a self-washer, the cleaning process of the shells. The installation of a shell dryer allows us to optimize electricity consumption and reduce it. We have opted for less packaging and especially to use packaging in recyclable materials, we replace the aluminum plates with cardboard holds which at the same time reduces the size of the packaging for better optimization of Pallets.

To put in place a good agreement in the company we behave ethically and responsibly. We ban our practices in any form of corruption and conflict of interest and conflicts of interest in unfair competition. In addition, we are adopting a responsible purchasing policy.

Satisfying you

Our biggest concern is your satisfaction as well as that of our partners. Espromer guarantees the safety and quality of our products and their compliance with our customers' specifications. We innovate new products to meet the demand and introduce you to new flavours and thus forge long-term partnerships with our customers, while remaining social and supportive with our partners. We proactively analyze non-compliance and involve each stakeholder in achieving improvements.