Espromer offers you under the brand "Snails of the trough meadow" different snails stuffed in fresh or frozen.
Espromer, decided in 1998 to refocus its activities on the transformation and promotion of the snail. We work only big gray snails (aspersa maxima).

Espromer sources big grey snails from the helipads with whom Espromer has been working closely for many years to ensure impeccable product quality.
Espromer prepares its own butter in its workshops in a handcrafted way, which comes in two recipes:

Burgundy butter: Normandy butter, parsley, shallot, garlic, salt, pepper. Ne
arby butter: Normandy butter, parsley, dill, chervil, basil, mint, tarragon, shallot, aniseed aperitif, almond powder, salt, pepper.
The know-how of Espromer artisanal has not changed for more than 30 years: the buttering of snails is done by hand.
Espromer has a regional brand: "Normandy Snails of the Meadow of Auge".

All our recipes are guaranteed without dye, preservatives and GMOs (<0.9%).></0.9%).>