Founded in 1992, ESPROMER, an 8-person SME, brings together two brands, Snails du Pré d'Auge and Les Recipes d'Ambroise. Our specialty, snails and stuffed shells. Located in the north of the Pays d'Auge in Trouville sur mer (14360) in the heart of Normandy, it has a working tool to European standards (accreditation FR14-715-071-CE) which operates according to the HACCP method (upstream/downstream).

Espromer SAS

First, producer, processor and seller, ESPROMER sas, decided in 1998 to refocus its activities on the processing and promotion of the snail of French origin. We only work big/medium grey snails. These supplies of large grey farmed snails are made by helipads with whom ESPROMER, has been working closely together for many years to ensure impeccable product quality.


In general, the overall snail market can be considered to be 30,000 to 35,000 tonnes of sharp equivalent. (French production: 3000 tons/ 400 breeders). The first consumers are the French, especially since France is also the main importer of this small gasteropod.

For many years professionals have satisfied their supply through natural collection. the ecological non-compliance of the collection, the modernization of agricultural techniques have deteriorated the natural renewal of species and forced manufacturers to turn to products from Eastern Europe. This was only a short-term solution as many countries legislated on this abuse and put in place a set of rules and quotas to preserve species in their natural environments.

In addition, for some time now the agri-food sector has been experiencing difficulties in the supply of so-called traditional snails, namely Pomatia (Bourgogne) and Helix Aspersa (grey) produced under the name "snails".

First, the emergence of the "lucorum" (Turkish snail) was the emergence of the "Turkish snail", the more serious the use of an Asian mollusc "buyine": for the first time consumers discovered that the snail had a cubic shape.

Despite a swift intervention by the legislature that banned the designation of snails to these products, they have largely contributed to the deterioration of the market by favouring a decline in quality to the detriment of the consumer who has quickly lost interest in The snail. It is in this context of dependence on foreign countries and in the interest of quality that heliculture has evolved. Non-existent in the early 1980s, modern heliculture took advantage of the implementation of a real research plan supervised by INRA LE MAGNERAUD near SURGERES (17) to position itself as an agricultural production activity in the full sense of the term.

Espromer and its market

Sensitized by the needs of the supermarket and the expectations of restaurant professionals, we opted for a wider distribution of our products especially on snails transformed in France by structuring a real sector responsible. Thus, we can say in recent years that the quality of French-bred snails is helping to win back consumers, especially those disappointed by industrial snails.

Our stuffed snails and shells are becoming more and more important in the gondolas of the GMS. We can even see in some signs that our snails, outside the Christmas period, are the only ones present. This is because the real snail lovers have found a product that can satisfy them all year round. The greatest chefs in the Normandy region use our big grey snails. Our production meets the expectations of consumers, fond of French local products, high-end quality and also artisanal manufacturing. They are made only from fresh produce and high quality Normandy butter. Our know-how allows true lovers to appreciate the softness, the tenderness of the snails of yesteryear, cooked "like at home". Our commercial entity "Snails du Pré d'Auge" now offers a complete range ranging from semi-processed to frozen processed products. Guaranteed 100% original and French-made, our snails come in two ranges: LA GMS and LA RESTAURATION.

Snails stuffed with burgundy butter
Snails stuffed with burgundy butter

Stuffed snail recipes

In 2014 "Snails of the Meadow of Auge" created a new range "the Crok'Apéro". These are appetizer bites made from pure butter mini puff pastry and croquilles (salted dough shells). In addition to the traditional recipe with garlic butter, called "A la Bourguigno
nne"ESPROMER has developed two new recipes: –
"The Cream of Camembert and Parsley" –
"The Butter of the Meadows" Garlic-free recipe based on 6 herbs: Parsley, Estragon, Basil, Aneth, Chervil and Mint.
These croquilet products were awarded by a jury of the Grand Distribution and Institutionals.

agri-food trophy

Crok'Apero des Snails du Pré d'Auge à Beurre des Près,
Crok'Apero des Escargots du Pré d'Auge à la Crème de Camembert and P
ersil, won the trophies of the 2015 Gourmandie agri-food

All our stuffed snails and shells are available in our shop.

Stuffed shellfish recipe

Created in 2016, Ambrose Recipes are a range of stuffed shellfish
:Praires, clams, almonds, oysters, scallops, musse
ls. Our recipes are generous and si
mple. With an exceptional coastline, bathed by the waters of the English Channel, water constantly renewed by the tides, we chose to work our products with shells from the North-West Atlantic, Manches and Celtic Seas, 60% of the praires consumed in France are caught in Gra
nville.All our shells are stuffed with Burgundy butter.

Image of the 2019 Agri-Food Trophies

Our Shell Salads

Crok'Apero with camenbert and Parsley cream Crok'Apero at Near Butter